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Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner

Why use Zest-it?
Zest-it isn't irritating to the eyes or skin in normal use, although splashes may irritate, just like soap when you get it in your eyes.
Used normally with good hygiene it doesn't irritate the skin, although keeping the hands wet with Zest-it can defat and cause dryness of the skin, if dryness occurs then we recommend a good quality hand cream. See Zest-it Artists Hand Lotion (a requested new product). If you have dermatitis or any other skin condition on your hands, then we recommend the use of Nitrile® gloves. See letter
Zest-it is not classed as a toxic substance, nor is it classed as flammable but have 'safety sense' and keep it away from flames or sparks and don't heat it up.
If you have a known allergy to citrus fruit then it may be best not to use this product. See letter

Zest-it Oil paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner has an active strength (in our tests - 'used' Zest-it over 10 years old will still clean brushes efficiently) that is longer lasting than turpentine or white spirit, it is reusable with very little lost by evaporation, therefore you use less. knife zest-it paint When you've used Zest-it for brush cleaning, at the end of the painting session, leave the Zest-it to stand for a good few hours preferable overnight. The paint sediment will settle to the bottom of the container, the clear Zest-it can then be decanted off and re-used.
(Some people tell us they filter 'used' Zest-it through cotton wool and an old 'nylon stocking'. The Colleges and Universities take large quantities, they recycle and save on waste by filtering through paper towelling).

Zest-it as a Brush Cleaner is kind to your brushes. 'Turps' and white spirit are know to 'leech out' the natural oils from bristle and hair brushes, causing them to go brittle and dry over time, because Zest-it contains citrus oils it helps maintain the integrity of your brush hair or bristle giving your brushes a much longer life.
You can read aboutbrush zest-it paint brush cleaning by clicking the link.

The sediment needs to be disposed of sensibly, as with any solvent containing the remains of oil painting (pigment and oil). It is not advisable 'just to throw it down the sink or drain', an easy way is to pour the sediment onto dry sand or soil before disposing. To reduce the amount of sediment it is best to wipe the worst of the paint from your brushes with newspaper or paper towel.

Zest-it used as a Paint Dilutant (diluent). Using Zest-it as an Oil Paint Dilutant to dilute the paint for applying colour to a 'ground', it may be just a little slower drying than white spirit, which for most people isn't a problem. See letter For more information about traditional and 'alla prima' oil painting techniques use this link.

Our tests show, that most oil paint can be diluted down to thinned oil paint for leaves ink consistency without any adverse effect on the oil paint or the binding of it to the surface, so you can lay in your underpainting with confidence.
It can also be mixed with linseed oil in the normal way and used as a painting medium and dissolves Gum Damar crystals to make Damar Varnish.
Wherever you would have used turpentine or white spirit, you can now use Zest-it as an alternative to these.
If you would like to see it in action use the link to watch the video

Other ways to use Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner. Because Zest-it is more than "just a brush cleaner" not only can it be used for cleaning brushes and thinning oil paint, it can also be used to clean painting knives, palettes, remove wet oil paint from a canvas, your clothes and hands.
If used on clothes, remove clothes beforehand and test an area, then with soap and water.
If you use it to clean the hands, wash well after with soap and water, apply a hand cream or use the Artists Hand Soap, which will clean your hands and has a built-in conditioner to leave them supple.
You can thin oil paint to an 'ink consistency' for use with dip pen nibs, use with oil paint sticks, oil pastels and oil based ink, also with wax and wax based products.

To read what 'they' say about Zest-it please see the testimonials page where people have been kind enough to share their thoughts, health issues and experiences of using Zest-it. This page also contains letters/emails sent direct, links to Zest-it reviews on other websites and magazine reviews.
Zest-it artists hand cleaner This is a very typical type of email we receive, 'since using Zest-it they don't suffer with headaches anymore' and 'I don't have to put up with the smell', like they did when using other products.
It is so true, what I said about the 'Zest it'....if it wasn't for that I would not be painting in oils again, it has made such a difference to my work and I really enjoy myself now....Maureen. 3.Feb.00 e-mail
If you would like to view the technical information for Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner please use this link MSDS explained.
Some people have confused Zest-it with 'citrus thinners' because of the 'citrusy smell'. You may have read on other sites that 'citrus thinners' give off hazardous fumes and they may do, but Zest-it is not 'citrus thinners'. Zest-it has been thoroughly tested to today's industry standards and does not give off hazardous vapours or fumes and for many people is the studio safe solvent of choice especially when working in the home.

Since this information page was put up on the web in 1999, we as a company and the Zest-it range of products have naturally developed by design and request. Still keeping to our "Safe Solutions for Artists" concept, you can find all the different products with links to specific pages for more details.

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