Natural and Mixed Hair Watercolour Brushes

Renaissance Series

Pro Arte Renaissance Round Sable Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Renaissance Rigger Sable Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Renaissance Flat Sable Watercolour Brush

The Renaissance Series was created to run alongside the highly successful synthetic Prolene brush range. Made from high-quality sable hair, these brushes were designed to please traditionalists who prefer the benefits of a natural sable hair brush. Even more importantly, through carefully sourcing and buying the sable hair Pro Arte are able to keep the cost of the brush down without compromising quality. Comparing these brushes with those of similar specifications, you will find that the Renaissance range offers incredible value and is a joy to paint with.

Each Renaissance brush offers a generous filament, set in a gold plated ferrule fitted in a stylish dark green handle.

Available in round, rigger and flat variations and also in a wallet set.

Renaissance Squirrel Mop

Pro Art Renaissance Squirrel Watercolour Mop Brush

This brush range was designed in response to the resurgence in popularity of squirrel mops. This new version is made from the finest Squirrel hair. This type of hair is renowned for its ability to hold massive amounts of colour and is an indispensible tool to watercolour artists that work on a large scale. The brush is made using the traditional three-knot quill binding technique. Using this method allows the Pro Arte brush makers to pack this phenomenally fine hair tightly enough to create a brush that gives superb belly and ensures a long, useful life. Like most mops, it is not only a useable tool but also a beautiful item to behold. Unlike other mops of the market, it is affordable; compromising only on price and not on quality.

Available in a conical mop shape in 12 sizes.

Connoisseur Series

Pro Arte Connoisseur Mixed Hair Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Connoisseur Flat Mixed Hair Watercolour Brush

Each Connoisseur brush is made from a carefully calculated and selected blend of Prolene and Sable hair. The exact ratio of natural to synthetic was discovered after much research; it may have taken time to perfect but the results were remarkable! This brush has working properties that will satisfy any purist, with a look and feel of a 100% sable brush. It has a substantial belly, holds large amounts of colour and keeps a point in a manner that professional artists have come to expect from a Pro Arte brush. The synthetic content will delight those looking for a brush with a sable content; the synthetic blend keeps costs down and offers long-lasting durability, while the addition of sable hair accentuates the brushes properties.

The advent of the Prolene synthetic gave Pro Arte a major advance and provided artists with an affordable alternative to pure sables. Although Prolene proved a hit with artists, there were some traditionalists that were let down by its colour carrying capacity compared to a pure sable. Pro Arte found the perfect solution to this problem; to use a blend of synthetic and natural hair. The exact ratio proved critical to the success of the brush - and different sizes required slightly different blends. A little goes a long way in the larger sizes, and with smaller sizes proportionally more was added. Each brush size is boosted with the addition of the sable hair, but without pricn any of the sizes out of reach for customers to whom cost is a consideration.

Carefully designed and formulated for use as a watercolour brush, it provides outstanding performance in all areas and has been a favourite amongst artists for years. Time has proved the success of the Connoiseur. It offers the best of both worlds, combining massive colour holding capabilities combined with a sharp point and durability. Brushes don't come much closer to pure sable than this - that is except from the price! Each brush is finished with black polished handles and a red and white tip.

Available in round and flat profiles.

Series 50 Wash Brush

Pro Arte Series 50 Pure Squirrel Watercolour Wash Brush

The Series 50 Wash Brush is made from the finest quality Squirrel hair. Their excellent spring and responsiveness mean that they meet the essential requirements of even the most discerning watercolour artists, making them a delight to use. The specific type of hair used in this brush provides excellent colour carrying capacity. The brush profile has a flat shape with a point for precision work.

Each brush has a nickel-brass ferrule fitted onto a black polished handle.

Available in four sizes; small, medium, large and extra large.

Series 320 Mop

Pro Arte Series 320 Goat Hair Watercolour Mop Brush

The Series 320 Mop is a brush that is modest in price and quality. It is a great general purpose brush that is made from fine goat hair. These brushes have white polished handles and a large brush head that is great for holding colour.

Available in two sizes; medium and large.

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