Pure Squirrel Wash Brushes

Introduction to the Pure Squirrel Wash Brush Range

Winsor & Newton Pure Squirrel Wash Brush range

Winsor & Newton Pure Squirrel Brushes are made from the finest quality Russian Squirrel Hair, which is carefully selected as it has an excellent colour carrying capacity. These brushes have a very fine, relatively thin and conical shaped tip with a thick belly; this large belly is what gives the brush its colour loading capability, enabling it to hold large amounts of colour. The tapered end of the brush gives the artist a degree of control over washes and the soft hair is responsive to every gesture. These brushes are an excellent choice if you are looking to cover a large area quickly, especially if you opt for the larger sizes. They can also be used to add in finer details to your work; the brushes are tapered and the fine tip is excellent for adding in small details.



Also suitable for gouache, silk painting and most fluid colour application.


Squirrel Hair

Made from the finest quality Pure Russian Squirrel Hair


Excellent colour carrying capacity

Large belly makes it excellent for large washes and blending



Hand-crafted, fine quality, highly responsive.

Completely hand-crafted, these brushes have natural goose-feather quills, which are considerably more rsponsive than a metal ferrule. You can also use this brush range for gouache, silk painting and most other fluid colour application.

Available in sizes from 000 to 12.

Brushes in the range

Winsor & Newton Pure Squirrel Brush with Watercolour Wash

The Winsor & Newton Pure Squirrel Wash Brushes are available in one head shape in sizes from 000 to 12. With 12 brushes available in total this brush range covers a considerable array of sizes, from the smallest size 000 to the largest size 12. Although the smaller sizes have a smaller belly than the larger, they still have a higher colour loading capability than an average round brush. The larger sizes are a fantastic choice if you are looking to lay down large washes of colour with the minimum off fuss. All brushes in this range taper to a fine point, to form a brush tip that is conical in shape. This point is fantastic if you are looking to add in small details to your work. Astonishingly diverse, use this brush for both large washes and finer details.

Sizes 000 to 12 in the Winsor & Newton Pure Squirrel Brush Range


Cleaning and Caring for your Watercolour Brushes

As is always the case with brushes, it is paramount that they are cared for and cleaned correctly. We do have a handy page with cleaning and care instructions for watercolour brushes if you have any questions. Following these cleaning proceedures will extend your brushes useable life!

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