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Acrylic Painting Brushes

Acrylic Painting Hints & Tips - Choosing Your Acrylic Brushes

Many acrylic artists use both hog and soft hair brushes from their general brush pot. Hogs are popular for those using thicker colour whilst those using a water colour or miniature technique use Sceptre Gold 11 (sable/synthetic mix). However, in recent years, polyester brushes have been specifically developed for acrylic painters.

Strength, resilience, spring and control are required and the polyester filament of Galeria brushes gives you just that. The polyester does not soften in water as hog brushes do.

Using thicker colour

Long handled Galeria brushes are stiffer to cope with the thicker consistency of the colour and the roughness of the canvas in an ‘oil painting technique’. The different head shapes facilitate different marks. The short flat or Bright is the most popular shape; it provides quick coverage, accurately.

Using fluid colour

Short handled Galeria brushes are softer for working with diluted colour. Softer heads are used for glazing, water colour techniques and wherever improved flow is required. Smooth applications of colour are possible without leaving brushmarks.

Cleaning Brushes

Brushes will last many years if well cared for. It is important to remember to rinse them throughout every painting session. Do not stand them on their heads in your water bucket and wash them thoroughly at the end of the day.

  • Rinse brush in water
  • Wash with warm water and household soap, repeating until there is no trace  of colour.
  • Shape brush, dry handle and stand in a jar to dry.