Ampersand Painting Panels for Artists

When you first try an Ampersand panel, you will discover that your colour is more luminous and that you have more control over your brushwork and fine details.

Ampersond's flawlessly prepared rigid surfaces allow painting from edge-to-edge, eliminiating unsightly stretcher bars impressions or the "trampoline effect" of ordinary canvas.  We invite you to discover an Apersand panel that's right for you or learn more about panels you're using.

Ampersand's acid free signature painting surfaces inspire great art in every medium from oils and acrylics to watercolour and drawing.

Ampersand has been tested to last over 200 years and only Ampersand seals their hardboard panels with patented Archival-seal barrier technology.  This provides a superior archival barrier between the wood substrate and the painting surface.