Sketching Collection

These imaginative collections of drawing and sketching media are ideal for creating dramatic drawings and illustrations, from loose, free style sketches to detailed portraiture. Each collection contains a creative mix of Derwent Drawing, Pastel and Charcoal pencils plus Watersoluble sketching pencils together with natural graphite and compressed charcoal blocks. The larger sets also contain Watersoluble Graphitone, a stick of pure artist quality graphite and complementary accessories including an eraser and sharpener.

The Sketching Collections are available in tins of 12, 24 and 38; the contents vary in each set. Please see below for the contents contained in each set.

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Sketching Collection 12

  • 3 x Water-soluble Sketching Pencils (4B, HB and 8B)

  • 1 x Charcoal Pencil (Medium)

  • 1 x Drawing Pencil (Terracotta)

  • 1 x Tinted Charcoal Pencil (White)

  • 3 x Natural Graphite (Soft, Medium and Hard)

  • 3 x Compressed Charcoal (Light, Medium and Dark)


Sketching Collection 24

  • 3 x Water-soluble Sketching Pencils (4B, HB, 8B)

  • 3 x Charcoal Pencil (Light, Medium and Dark)

  • 1 x Watersoluble Graphitone (2B)

  • 2 x Graphic Pencils (3B and HB)

  • 2 x Drawing Pencil (Brown Ochre, Terracotta)

  • 3 x Tinted Charcoal (Peat, Burnt Earth, White)

  • 4 x Natural Graphite (1 Soft, 2 Medium, 1 Hard)

  • 4 x Compressed Charcoal (1 Light, 2 Medium, 1 Dark)

  • 1 x Kneadable Eraser

  • 1 x Metal Pencil Sharpener

Sketching Collection 38

  • 3 x Water-soluble Sketching Pencils (8B, 4B, HB)

  • 3 x Charcoal Pencil (Light, Medium, Dark)

  • 3 x Watersoluble Graphitone (2B, 4B, 8B)

  • 4 x Graphic Pencils (HB, 3B, 6B, 9B)

  • 3 x Drawing Pencil (Terracotta, Brown Ochre, Venetian Red)

  • 3 x Tinted Charcoal (Peat, Burnt Earth, White)

  • 7 x Natural Graphite (2 Soft, 3 Medium, 2 Hard)

  • 7 x Compressed Charcoal (2 Dark, 3 Medium, 2 Light)

  • 1 x Kneadable Eraser

  • 1 x Metal Pencil Sharpener

  • 1 x Paper Stump

  • 1 x Sandpaper Block

An ideal introduction to the world of sketching. These sets contain a range of pencils, blocks and sticks which can be used separately or together for preliminary sketches or final dramatic black and white drawings.

Each of the Derwent Sketching Collection tins is available here.



Draw Parallell lines closely together to create tone and depth.

Cross Hatching

Draw a series of parallel lines, crossing each other at angles, to add texture and form.


Graduations are smooth transitions from a light to a darker tone. Press the pencil lightly or hard to alter the tonal density.

Using Blocks

Apply on the longest side for a broad lay down of tone, break into chunks to lay down specific widths, use the edges and corners for crisp lines and fine detail.


To add highlights to graphite and charcoal drawings, use the white Pastel pencil or simply let some original paper show through.

Paper Stump

Use for blending dusty media such as charcoal or pastel.

Using Water

Line and Wash
Create an outline drawing with a non-soluble pencil such as Derwent Graphic then add tone with a watersoluble pencil. Next apply a light water wash to your drawing while retaining the original outline.

Using the Accessories

Plastic Eraser

Use to remove complete areas of graphite or unwanted marks from your drawing.

Kneadable Putty Eraser

For highlighting, stippling and ghosting, mould the eraser until soft, pull into a point and carefully remove layers of graphite or pigment as required.

Sandpaper Block

Apply to a pencil point or block to achive the exact angle required.


An easy way to achieve a fine point on your pencils.