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The Giotto brand is a synonym for colour for young artists and with a range of pens, pencils and paints available Giotto have everything young artists need to take creativity to the next level. Add broad strokes of colour with felt tip markers, create subtle gradated hues with coloured pencils and add splashes of paint with watercolour. There are even metallic, glitter and fluorescent shades to add an extra something to your work!

Since 1920, Giotto has been considered the ultimate Italian brand, specialising in creating art materials that bring out the inner artist in your children. The brand is synonymous with colour, and has launched a range of colouring pencils, pens and paints over the course of almost a century. They have responded to changes in the creative climate and consistently revise their products to meet the artistic requirements of their users. Always looking to broaden their range, Giotto keep one step ahead of the needs of today's young artists.

Choosing Giotto products will help your child take the next step in their creative journey. These products encourage them to make their artwork bolder, brighter and more diverse and really bring their big ideas to life! Support your little artists and help them to take their first steps in watercolour and add glitter and metallic effects to their work.

Whether it is for work or leisure, Giotto products will inject colour into your child's work. With Giotto, your child's imagination will have no limit.

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