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Giotto Be-bè offers a world of colour to little artists. With a range of pens and pencils to stimulate creative minds, Be-bè materials can be used by children from the age of 2. Their products are specifically designed to encourage your little ones to unleash their creativity in total safety.

The Giotto Be-bè brand was founded in 2004 with a specific goal in mind; to stimulate the creativity of young minds from ages 2 and up. Their first range was developed with the youngest artists in consideration and have been specifically designed to encourage them to develop their creativity with ease and in total safety. Most importantly, this range meets the specific needs of not only parents but also the aptitudes of your little ones.

You can relax in the knowledge that your children can create their first artworks in total safety and comfort. Ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 6, Be-bè products are made specifically with tiny artists in mind, both in their design and application. The pens and pencils in this range are super chunky and short, making it much easier for small hands to get a hold on them. Giotto Be-bè colours can be applied to paper or card with ease, without exerting too much pressure and also have the added benefit of being super-washable and the pencils are super easy to sharpen!

Not only is there a range of pens and pencils for your young ones, there are also exciting products such as finger paints which will encourage your children to get hands on with their artwork. With a bright and lively selection of colours, these paints will really let your children leave their mark. Safe and dermatologically tested, these paints are easily removable from the skin with warm water.

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