Colour Collection

There's nothing like having all your favourite colour pencils in one place! The Derwent Colour Collection includes a fantastic mix of old favourites and Derwent's newest products. From Studio pencils and Metallic pencils to Coloursoft pencils and burnishers; there's a great selection of pencils to introduce you to the Derwent brand. Available in a 24 piece tin, which contains:

  • 10 Coloursoft Pencils (Lemon Yellow, Red, Deep Red, Deep Fuchsia, Royal Purple, Iced Blue, Mid Green, Dark Green, Brown Earth, White).

  • 8 Studio Pencils (Naples Yelllow, Spectrum Orange, Ultramarine, Kingfisher Blue, May Green, Olive Green, Burnt Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black).

  • 2 Metallic Pencils (Blue, Green)

  • 1 Blender

  • 1 Burnisher pencil

  • Eraser

  • Pencil sharpener

This collection features a great combination of assorted coloured media, putting a whole range of creative possibilities at your fingertips! It is an ideal introduction to the world of Colour pencils; use the pencils separately or together to create a range of exciting drawing effects. The variety of products included in this set mean that your creativity is limitless! Colours can be blended together to create new, exciting tones, shimmer can be added to your drawing with a layer of Metallic pencil and the burnisher can add a lovely shine to your work. The set also features a small selection of artists accessories for added value.

What better than having all your favourite colour pencils in one place! So there really is no excuse not to GET CREATIVE!

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Pencils Included in this Collection

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