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For everyone that writes, draws, colours or paints Bruynzeel offers a world of inspiration. Bruynzeel children's pens and pencils are ergonomically designed with small artists in mind; so your young creatives can express their biggest, brightest ideas with ease!

As one of the leading manufacturers of children's art materials, Bruynzeel take their responsibilities seriously. Constantly revising their production to consider new possibilities and opportunities in the market, their range is ever expanding to meet growing demands from young artists. Thinking outside the box is second nature to this Dutch company and new options and opportunities are explored as a team to increase the chances of success. They dare to be different and strive to bring new exciting products to the market that will inspire young artists to take their first bold steps into art. Thinking big and acting bigger, Bruynzeel strive to make the most of the opportunities available.

New innovations and ground-breaking concepts are always created with the customer in mind, and are specifically tailored to meet the demands of their demographic. Close collaboration with the consumer ensures their success!

Exploring opportunities together; daring to be different, thinking big and acting bigger.

The design and application of Bruynzeel products are designed to aid your children in every step of the creative process. Drawing stimulates fine motor skills in children and has also been shown to benefit their social-emotional development and creativity. Bruynzeel pens and pencils meet and encourage this development, but also take into consideration the shifts in demand for children's products. Research has shown that the numbers of hours children spend drawing and colouring has diminished following the emergence of digitalisation. To many parents and scientists this may be an alarming development, but many will realise that the use of a PC or tablet is something most families cannot do without anymore. Bruynzeel have responded excellently to this digitalisation by integrating it into the use of their art materials.

The Bruynzeel Kids Art Supplies Range

Bruynzeel offer children's art supplies in three distinct ranges, that are tailor made to suit their intended demographic. There are materials to suit the youngest artists, a range of essentials that will help them progress their artistic skills and a collection of more advanced pens and pencils that can be used to really break their creative boundaries! All Bruynzeel kids products are compatible with the Bruynzeel 'Colouring the Future' app.

Bruynzeel Early Learning Kids Art Supplies Range

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Bruynzeel Early Learning offers a full range of colouring products specifically designed for the youngest artists. All products in the Early Learning range are ergonomically designed in order to comfortably fit the smallest hands. They are well designed, safe and above-all fun! By using the Bruynzeel 'Colouring the Future' app you can bring the Early Learning mascot, Fuzzy, to life and get him to interact with your work.