Watersoluble Sketching

The Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencil has a wide strip which is great for quick drawings. Add water to gently dissolve the graphite for line and wash sketches and watch your art take on a new, softer feel! Created in three easy to use wash strengths; light, medium and dark which will help you bring great depth to your sketches.

Nothing beats graphite for drama and impact, and this pencil creates all the dramatic effects you could wish for, and more. Used dry, the soft, wide strip is perfect for loose, free sketches and bold line drawings but add water and you’ll bring a totally new dimension to your work. Watch the graphite gently dissolve into subtle tones, adding a softness and charm to any style of drawing. Available in three versatile degrees, it opens up an exciting new world of line and wash sketching.

Available individually in grades HB/Light Wash, 4B/Medium Wash and 8B/Dark Wash, or in a set of 6.

Ten Top Tips - by Linda Stevens

  1. Use the tip of the pencil for finer detail or on its side to cover larger areas.

  2. Using a wet sponge rub it over the tip of the pencil and then dab it onto your paper to create foliage or skies.

  3. Scrape graphite from the tip of the pencil into wet areas and then with a brush, pull out different shapes i.e. grass and foliage.

  4. Crosshatch with a dry pencil and then run a wet brush over the top for interesting results.

  5. Draw into wetted areas to create denser tones.

  6. Lay different grades of pencil on a spare piece of paper and using a wet brush take off as required. This can be used as your palette.

  7. Draw out your design/picture and then use a wet brush to highlight parts of your picture.

  8. Wet areas of your paper first and then using a sandpaper block scrape graphite from your pencil to create texture on the wet areas.

  9. Try working a wet pencil onto a wet surface.

  10. Try using Sketching and Watersoluble Sketching pencils together in your picture to create some lovely effects.