Watercolour Markers

Watercolour Markers are a new innovation by Winsor & Newton, which offer artists colour brilliance, definition and control. They combine the beauty of watercolour with the ease and precision of a nib, and allow you to apply vivid colours smoothly. Watercolour markers are also fully intermixable with all Winsor & Newton's traditional watercolour paints and mediums. They will be an indispensable addition to your collection!


Watercolour Markers can easily be packed into your bag for hassle-free plein air drawing and painting, enabling you to be creative on the go! They are ideal for laying down quick sketches and ideas or for applying small details in mixed media drawings. They can also be used to create vibrant splashes of colour in a sketch or drawing to really enhance your artwork. Excellent for giving controlled, textured results, these highly innovative tools will become an essential addition to your watercolour collection.

These markers bring a new dimension to traditional watercolour painting and add a fresh edge to the medium. Available in 36 beautiful shades, they have superb colour performance and can be blended and mixed to form a wide spectrum of different hues. Each of the markers contains a highly-pigmented water-based colour which can be applied with precision. These markers have excellent flow and blendability, allowing you to create soft, vibrant washes; colour can also be laid down and manipulated with water to create colours of great tonal range. They are unrivalled in the permanence and lightfastness, and are far superior to their dye-based equivalents.

Each marker is dual-tipped, and each of the two nibs is expertly crafted. With both a flexible brush tip and a fine nib you can create a wide variety of stunning, sweeping lines and superior detailing, making them excellent for sketches and illustration. These markers are excellent for creating various textures and effects and can be used with water to achieve your desired outcome.

Available individually. For the best results we advise using Bockingford watercolour paper.

Try the Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers today, and see the magic for yourself! Want to know more before adding these markers to your collection? Or maybe you want to know how to use them to the best of their potential? See the FAQ to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions!