Watercolour Collection

This watercolour collection brings together some of Derwent's most popular water-soluble pencils all in one place! The Derwent Watercolour Collection includes a fantastic mix of old favourites and Derwent's newest products. From Watercolour Pencils to Inktense pencils and blocks; there's a great selection of products to introduce you to the Derwent water-soluble range. Currently available in a 24 piece tin, which contains:

This collection features a great combination of assorted water-soluble media, putting a whole range of creative possibilities at your fingertips! It is an ideal introduction to Derwent's watercolour range; use the pencils separately or together to create a range of exciting effects. The variety of products included in this set mean that your creativity is limitless! Colours can be blended together to create new, exciting tones. The Inktense blocks are superb for creating bold, expressionist marks, and the pencils are excellent for finer details. This collection also includes a small brush, so you are ready to paint straight away!

There are plenty of creative possibilities to explore with this set! Use Inktense pencils dry for detailed work and mix them with water and watch the pigment turn to vibrant ink. Once it is dry the colour is permanent, so many layers can be created. Use Inktense Blocks for bold strokes of colour, covering large areas, creating texture and mixing your own ink. Watercolour pencils are versatile; create subtle washes or rich depth of colour

This set is ideal for beginners and hobbyists, and makes a thoughtful and imaginative gift!

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