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Cotman Watercolour Brush Pen Set FAQ

What’s included in the set?
The set includes our new compact synthetic water-fillable brush pen and 12 Cotman Water colour half pans with a mixing palette on the inside of the set lid.

What’s special about the Cotman brush pen?
Our brush pen was developed specifically to fit in the pocket-sized Cotman set that allows you to capture moments of inspiration no matter where you are. And add splashes of vibrant colour to your work with all the precision and control of your favourite brush. No mess, no fuss. The brush pen’s tactile bobble grip makes it easy to squeeze and control the flow of water to the brush tip when you need it. And thanks to its transparent design the water level is always visible.

How does a brush pen compare to a typical brush?
The load, spring and point of the precision, synthetic tip gives you all the feeling, control and line versatility of a traditional brush. And because it has its own water built-in, source there’s no interruption to the creative process - just squeeze to have more water when you need it to achieve the same techniques as using a brush. And there are no containers to carry around, making sketching on-the-go easier than ever.

What’s the brush pen tip made of?
Synthetic strands that form a fine tip for detailed line work. The brush pen has an impressive brush load and great spring.

How easy is it to fill the brush pen?
Filling the brush pen couldn’t be easier, simply:
1.Remove the lid
2.Add the desired amount of water in the reservoir
3.Insert the cap with the brush tip facing outwards
4.Gently squeeze the barrel to deliver water via the tip
5.Tip - for a quick partial-refill, simply dip the tip of the brush pen into some water, then squeeze and release the plastic body of the pen to draw up water through the tip of the pen

How do I clean the brush tip while painting, before using another colour?
Gently squeeze the barrel to deliver water via the tip to clean the tip and pat dry.

What material is the set made from?
The pocket-sized set is made out of a lightweight white plastic, ideal and convenient to take with you when you are out and about.

What 12 half pan colours are included in the set?
The Cotman Brush Pen set includes the following colours to bring your ideas to life:
Top row left to right –
Payne’s Gray, Lamp Black, Chinese White, Lemon Yellow Hue, Alizarin Crimson Hue, Ultramarine.
Bottom row left to right – Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Viridian Hue, Turquoise, Dioxazine Violet. (colours in set may differ dependent on availability)


Can I carry the set around with water in the brush pen?
We wouldn’t recommend leaving water in the pen just in case it leaks while it’s carried around. Empty the body of the pen and simply insert the tip head inside the body of the pen.

How should I store the brush pen?
Just like a brush, it’s important to clean the brush tip before storing away to avoid it drying hard. Gently squeeze the barrel to deliver water via the tip to clean the tip and pat dry.

Can I use other media with the brush pen – like inks?
The brush pen is only designed to be used with water. Any other media, such as inks, will stain the inside of the pen.

How long with the nibs last?
Like all brushes, the brush pen will last for years if it is cleaned after use - gently squeeze the barrel to deliver water via the tip to clean the tip and pat dry. From time to time it’s worth pulling apart the three component parts and rinsing each section under warm water.

Are individual brush pens available?
No, these brush pens are sold only as part of the Cotman Brush Pen set.

Can I replace the brush tip with another type of brush tip?
The Cotman brush pen set does not come with other tips. Leaking may occur if replaced with other makes of brush tip.


On what kind of surfaces can I use the brush pen?
Any of our Winsor & Newton water colour papers will perform best.