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Out of Stock Items

Most 'out of stock' items are replenished within approximately one week of going out of stock. However, if a supplier or manufacturer is also out of stock of an item it can take much longer for an item to go come back into stock.

An item can become 'long term out of stock' for a number of reasons such as production problems. Often we will be given an expected re-stocking date from our suppliers, in which case, this will be displayed on our web site, but can be subject to change. Sometimes the supplier is unable to provide a re-stocking date. When an item becomes long term out of stock you will be unable to purchase the product from the website. 

If you try to order a product that is out of stock, or if you order more than we currently have in stock, you will receive a warning. If you proceed with the order, the products which are in stock will be dispatched as normal. If the out of stock item is back in stock within a couple of days, we may hold the order and then ship the complete order. 
Any products which are not presently in stock in many cases will be dispatched when they come into stock, with no additional shipping charge. There are some exceptions to this rule and we will contact you if extra shipping charges are required. If there are extra shipping charges and we are unable to contact you, then we will refund the items not in stock and send the rest of the items.