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Why is the new Winsor & Newton canvas range referred to as the ultimate surface?

All the canvas is hand stretched, to ensure the cloth is applied squarely on the stretcher, and has folded corners that maintain the strength of the cloth over its weakest part. Back stapling also increases the strength of the canvas, as well as allowing painting on the edge. It also makes framing easier, and gives you the option of leaving your work unframed.

Are the canvases primed or unprimed?

All canvases are primed with highly pigmented titanium dioxide Gesso primer for higher coverage and colour performance.

What's the difference between the cloths across the two ranges?

In the Professional range there are four cloths available: Cotton, Linen, Polycotton and Cotton Smooth. The Classic range offers Cotton and Linen variations.

Cotton canvas is versatile, with a medium texture. Linen offers superior quality and great longevity. Polycotton is a strong, durable cotton and polyester blend, and Cotton Smooth has a very fine weave that's ideal for fine detail and portrait painting

How do I use the new Winsor & Newton pro-stretcher™?

You can achieve the perfect surface tension in three simple steps with the Winsor & Newton pro-stretcher:

  1. Insert a device into each corner of the canvas.

  2. Use a screwdriver to tighten the devices in two opposite corners, following the direction of the arrows.

  3. Adjust the devices in the remaining two corners in the same way.

Which canvases come with the Winsor & Newton pro-stretcher™?

All canvases in the Professional range, except the smallest sizes, come with four pro-stretchers. They can only be used with Winsor & Newton Professional range canvases.

Canvases in the Classic range do not come with pro-stretchers, as they have wood keys included.

What wood is used to make the stretcher bars in the canvas ranges?

Fir and Paulownia are used in the Classic range. They provide strength but are lightweight, making the canvases easy to carry. In the Professional range, the bars are made from heavy duty solid pine.

All the wood used is rigorously tested to get the moisture balance just right, preventing warping.

What do Deep Edge canvases offer?

Deep Edge allows you to continue painting on the side of the canvas, or add coloured edging. It means you don't need to use a frame, and can give your work greater presence on the gallery wall.

What's the benefit of bevelled stretcher bars?

The bevelling stops the inner edge of the stretchers pressing against the canvas when you're painting, so no lines show through.

What are the main differences between the Professional and Classic ranges?

Only the Professional range includes the Winsor & Newton pro-stretcher™ (except the smallest canvas sizes). Canvases in the Classic range have wood keys included instead.

The Professional range offers a greater selection of profiles and cloth types: Cotton, Linen, Polycotton and Cotton Smooth. The Classic range offers Cotton and Linen variations, and has lighter finished weights than the Professional range.

The stretcher bars used in the Professional range are crafted from heavy duty solid pine. In the Classic range they're made from Fir and Paulownia – strong but lightweight options.

What paints can be used with the new Winsor & Newton canvases?

The canvases are suitable for general use with oil colour (including water mixable), acrylics and fast drying alkyd oils.