Drawing Pencils

Derwent Drawing pencils have a soft and creamy core and are available in a range of tones that will take you right back to nature. They are available in 24 colours which span a range of beautiful tones from traditional sepia, to soft neutral greys, greens, blues and creams. These coloured pencils are rich and earthy and you'll find the soft texture and the extra wide colour strip will be a big help when you’re trying to build up dense fur or feathers in your drawings of animals. The Sepia tones in the collection are also very useful when you come to draw portraits and life studies. The tones available in this range are also excellent for dreamy, evocative landscapes.

Available individually and in sets of 6, 12 and 24.

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Ten Top Tips - By Joanne Kell

  1. Make small colour swatches of your pencils on a separate piece of paper the same as the one you intend to work on.

  2. When setting out / drawing outlines for your drawing use a colour relevant to the finished project.

  3. Work your project in layers starting from light to dark e.g. yellow, orange and brown.

  4. For a realistic effect when drawing fur, do not block colour but draw each hair separately and build up your layers.

  5. Do not sharpen your pencils too severely. Use a Derwent sharpener to expose enough colour at the tip of the pencil and then use a sand paper block to shape the tip.

  6. Use a plastic eraser to totally remove unwanted colour and use a kneadable eraser or battery eraser to add effects and highlights.

  7. Use a Derwent paper stump to spread or blend your colours.

  8. You may mix other Derwent pencils with the drawing range. A fairly sharp, soft graphite pencil will draw on top of feathers or fur to add some definition if needed

  9. Try the Drawing range on different coloured papers. Use on black paper for a stunning effect

  10. For a shiny look to a black eye try the black from the drawing range with a 9B Graphic or Dark Onyx pencil over the top. Remember there is also the Derwent Burnisher pencil which is excellent for adding shine to coloured pencil.

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