Nib Sizes

With 8 different nib sizes available in the FW Marker range there is bound to be a size and shape to suit your work. From the finest 0.8mm Technical nib to the large 8-15mm Flat, and everything in between; there is no limit to the amount of marks you can create! To find out more details about each of the nib sizes available, please read below.


The smallest nib is the 0.8mm Technical nib marker, and is much like a traditional fine-liner. The width of the barrel is similar to a standard marker so it will feel no different in your hands! The barrell holds approximately 3.6ml of media. The nib creates crisp, clear lines that are excellent if you're looking to add fine details to your work. It is also great for writing with.



The 1-2mm Small Round features a small barrel about the width of a standard marker, which holds approximately 3.6ml of liquid media. The small round tip means that controlled marks can be made, allowing you to add in fine details with precision. The user can also create different widths of line by angling the marker. It also gives great coverage when colouring small areas.



The 1-2mm Large Round features the same round nib as the Small round, but has a much larger barrel that holds approximately 5.7ml of your chosen media. The barrel of this marker is larger, and hence feels a little different than a standard marker in your hand. This way you can create the same marks as the small round, but without having to refill your barrel quite as often!



The 1-3mm Small Chisel features a 1-3mm chisel nib housed in a small barrel that holds approximately 3.6ml of liquid media. The chisel allows you to create a wide range of different strokes and marks of varying widths. The fine nature of this chisel tip makes it perfect for fine detailing, whilst also giving good coverage when colouring smaller areas.



The 1mm Hard Point nib has a small barrel which holds approximately 3.6ml of liquid media. The fine 1mm nib is one of the finest in the FW Marker range, which makes it perfect for intricate detail and writing.



The 2-4mm Large Round nib has a large barrel which holds roughly 5.7ml of liquid media. This nib creates much thicker and bolder lines than the smaller round, whilst still allowing you to add in flourishes of detail. The nib also gives good coverage when colouring in small areas.



The 2-6mm Large chisel has a large barrel which holds approximatley 5.7ml of liquid media. With this nib you can create a wide range of different marks from a fine 2mm line to a broader 6mm sweep. The shape of this chisel nib gives the user more line control, allowing you to utilise both the thinner and thicker aspects of the nib.



The 8-15mm is the largest brush in the FW marker range, and features an extra-large barrel that holds approximately 23ml of liquid media. This marker really is great if you're looking to fill large areas with colour very quickly. The nib is really vertsatile, allowing you to create a range of marks between 8 and 15mm in thickness. This marker is an excellent choice if you're looking to create bold, expressive marks.