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Professional Canvas

It's the ultimate surface, expertly stretched by hand. The faultless, finest grade cloth is primed with highly pigmented Gesso and that is beautifully responsive to every brushstroke. The new Winsor & Newton pro-stretcher™ creates precision tension that you can control. Built for endurance, with solid wood stretcher bars that are kiln-dried for strength and rigorously tested for warp-resistance. No other surface comes close.

For the ultimate surface, choose Winsor & Newton canvas

Each canvas has been made to perform to the artists' discerning standards.


  • For best tension and tailored corners

Kiln-dried stretcher bars

  • Rigorously tested to withstand moisture and warping

Balanced absorbency and tooth

  • Prevents sinking of oil colour and improves adhesion

Highly pigmented titanium dioxide Gesso primer

  • Higher coverage and colour performance

Acid-free and archival

  • Built to last

Back stapled with folded uncut corners

  • Extra cloth availability

Winsor & Newton Professional canvases feature a number of finishing touches that add a professional touch. Included with your Winsor & Newton Professional Canvas are Pro-stretchers™, which make achieving the correct canvas tension an easy task. To find out more please see below.

A beautifully designed sticker is also included so that you can label your canvases. This little addition is great for keeping track of the titles, dimensions and completion dates of your work, so that they can be easily archived or sorted.

Canvases include a sticker to personally label your work

Pro-stretchers™ can be used to create optimum tension

Using this sticker you can record; your name, the title of the work, the medium the work was painted in, the size of the canvas, the date of completion and also your contact details.


Your perfect surface tension has never been this easy

The introduction of the new Pro-stretcher™ demonstrates Winsor & Newton's dedication to innovation. This invaluable tool makes achieving the perfect tension easy. Strong and compact, it allows you to create an immaculate bespoke surface, stretched exactly as you want it.

The device is easy to use, with no fuss, and creates a beautiful professional appearance at the back of your canvas. A total of 4 of these stretchers are included with each Winsor & Newton Professional Canvas, although they are not included with the smallest sizes.


Using the Pro-stretcher™ is a quick and simple process. Just follow the straight forward instructions below:

  1. Insert one Pro-stretcher™ device into each of the canvas' corners.

  2. First select two of the Pro-stretchers™ in opposite corners, and use a screwdriver to adjust each of the devices following the direction of the arrows.

  3. Adjust the devices in the remaining two corners in the same way.


Your perfect surface tension has never been this stylish





Profile Depth mm

Profile depth inches

Finished weight GSM

Finished Weight OZ



 Cotton Traditional Standard

Heavy Duty Solid Pine


0.82 in

480 gsm

16.93 oz


(except in smaller sizes)

Name Label

 Cotton Traditional Deep Edge


1.65 in

480 gsm

16.93 oz

 Cotton Smooth Standard


0.82 in

280 gsm

9.87 oz