Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton have always been core to the world of art materials. They proudly maintain their pledge of manufacturing “The World’s Finest Artist’ Materials” . 

This is as true now as it was when their company was founded in 1832, and they take their relationship with the artist very seriously.

Winsor & Newtons founders, Henry Newton and William Winsor were involved with the leading artists of their time - J.M.W Turner for example - and to this day, they strive to keep up with the latest developments in the art world and take an active interest in what artists say.

Winsor and Newton have built their reputation on the quality and reliability of their products, combined with continual product development, improvement and innovation. However, while keeping true to the principles laid down by William Winsor and Henry newton in the 1800’s they actively embrace new ideas, new technologies and search the world for the best raw materials available.