Synthetic Watercolour Brushes

Prolene Series

Pro Arte Prolene Series 101 Round Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Prolene Series 103 Rigger Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Prolene Series 106 Flat One Stroke Synthetic Watercolour Brush

After years of research into synthetic alternatives to natural hair brushes, Pro Arte developed this superb synthetic watercolour brush and named it the 'Prolene' range. This brush range combines a subtle mixture of polyester fibres and removing any of their inhibiting static electricity in order to make them behave like sable. When it was first introduced this range was revolutionary and received critical acclaim.

One of the benefits of this synthetic over a genuine sable is that is is much more durable, which for many means that it out performs sable. It presented a major breakthrough in brush making, and was particularly beneficial to those who were concerned about using animal hair in their work. Although it was first released for student and amateur artists, the Prolene range now has a following of artists of all abilities, including the most seasoned professionals. This sythetic breakthrough also led to the development of the Prolene Plus and Connoisseur brush ranges.

Continually refined and improved, the Prolene is the favoured brush of many! Used primarily for watercolour, these brushes are extremely hard wearing and, unlike natural hair, will not damage easily.

Available in a round, riggers, flat/one stroke and in a selection of brush wallets

Prolene Series 9A Sword Liners

Pro Arte Prolene Series 9A Swordliner Synthetic Watercolour Brush

The Series 9A Sword Liners are made from the same durable hair as the Prolene range. This unique brush shape is useful for creating a variety of effects including long fine lines and beautiful foliage. This brush range is finished with seamless nickelled brass ferrules and walnut polished handles.

Available in three sizes; small, medium and large.

Prolene Plus Series

Pro Arte Prolene Plus Series 007 Round Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Prolene Plus Series 009 Filbert Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Prolene Plus Series 008 Flat One Stroke Synthetic Watercolour Brush

The Prolene Plus brush range is the flagship of the Prolene Collection and demonstrates the pinnacle of Pro Arte's synthetic brush making achievements. Following on from the development of Prolene, a new variation of synthetic hair was discovered that promised even more potential than the original Prolene hair. Originally anticipated as an upgrade for the Prolene range, the vast changes saw the creation of a whole new brush series. The name of this range recognises the legacy of the Prolene range that went before it, and the 'Plus' acknowledges the speciality of this brush.

Still an entirely synthetic brush, the Prolene Plus uses fibres that are softer and have a feel that is much closer to a natural hair. The colour of the fibres gradually darkens towards the tip which means that these brushes look even more like a genuine sable brush than their predecessor. Offering delightful spring, precise point and colour carrying capacity, these brushes build on the successes of their Prolene counterparts.

Made from Prolene fibres that vary in shape and size, these premium brushes are finished with teak handles complemented with a gold plated ferrule. These finishing flourishes give these brushes an extra touch of class. There are subtle differences in the all round performance that discerning artists will appreciate. They are most widely used for watercolour, gouache and other fluid media.

Pro Arte Prolene Plus Retractable Round Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Prolene Plus Retractable Filbert Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Prolene Plus Retractable Flat Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Available in round, filbert, one stroke, a retrractable travel brush and also in a brush set.

Series MP Miniature Brushes

Pro Arte Series MP Miniature Round Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Series MP Miniature Flat Watercolour Brush

These synthetic brushes are aimed at students, amateurs and miniature painters. Their synthetic filament provides a brilliantly responsive tip, allowing the artist to achieve even the finest of details. The handle of the brush is triangular in shape and has ergonomically designed rounded edges to increase comfort when holding the brush. Although they are commonly used with watercolour, these brushes are suitable for a range of medium including acrylics and oils. All brushes in the range are the same price offering you the same discounted price no matter which size you want!

Available in 7 round sizes and a flat 1/8" brush.

Polar Series

Pro Arte Polar Series 31 Synthetic Watercolour Brush

Pro Arte Polar Series 32 Synthetic Watercolour Brush

The Polar brush range are an excellent choice if you're just starting out or working with a new medium. Consequently, they are particularly popular with home, craft and hobby artists and they are even used in schools and colleges. Unpretentious yet remarkably tough and durable, they will withstand a lot of abuse and offer a great option if you are trying out new techniques. Although they lack the particular refinements of Prolene and more professional brushes, these absences are reflected in their price. The price is in no way a reflection of their working properties; you can still rely on them to hold a point, retain colour and keep their shape.

Polar brushes can be used with many different mediums and applications. Many find them especially useful for decorating models in plastic, wood, metal, glass or ceramic. Use with watercolour, gouache, ink and acrylics; these brushes are a great all-rounder. And, whatever you choose to create with them, you need not concern yourself with how much they will cost to replace once they come to the end of their workable life! That said, if they are cared for and cleaned carefully, they can become some of your most valued and durable artists' tools.

Available in a brush wallet and individually in a Flat variation in four sizes.

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