Privacy & Cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information which is stored on your computer by a website that you visit. Without the use of cookies, we wouldn't be able to do such things as remember what products you just added to your shopping cart, or know when you've logged in, which would make the website completely useless!

Certain cookies such as the ones just described are completely essential to the operation of this website. Other uses for cookies are such things as helping the site owner to compile statistics on their users' visiting habits, or in targeting certain types of advertisements at particular users.

What's the big deal?

Sometimes cookies are used to track a user across multiple websites. For example, an advertising company may use cookies to gather information about your browsing interests in order to target specific types of advert at you. For this reason, some people consider certain uses of cookies to be overly intrusive of privacy.

In May 2012, the UK government implemented the EU e-Privacy Directive which requires websites which use cookies to gain consent for such from their users. 

Our cookie policy

We try to limit our usage of cookies to only those which are essential to the proper functioning of the website. This includes a couple which make things more convenient for you, which you can read about below. To be clear, we do not use any type of cookie that can be used to track you across other websites, or which could be used by others to gain access to your personal data.

A detailed listing of the cookies used by this website can be found below.

Name of cookie Purpose
PHPSESSIONID This cookie is used by the website to keep a track of each user as he or she browses the site. This is an essential cookie required for the shopping cart to work at all. Without it, you would add a product to your shopping cart and then on the next page the site would forget and your cart would be empty! This cookie is automatically deleted when you close your browser.
user This cookie is set only if you log into your account and choose the "remember me on this computer" option. It means that you won't have to log in newly each time you visit the site. If you choose not to use this feature, this cookie will not be used at all.
cart This cookie is used to store the contents of your shopping cart between sessions. This means that if you close down your browser without completing a purchase, the next time you visit the site your shopping cart will still contain all the products that you had added the last time. This can be very convenient if, for example, you put together a large order but then your browser or computer crashes. Rather than having to re-do the whole order from scratch, you will be able to continue from where you left off. This cookie expires after a period of 2 days, after which it will be deleted.
wl This cookie is used to store the contents of your wishlist. It is only used if you are not logged in to your account, and allows unregistered users to take advantage of the wishlist feature without having to create an account. If you already have an account and are logged in, this cookie will not be used. This cookie expires after 2 weeks.
Live HelpSession This cookie is used to enable our "live help" system to function. If you don't use the live help, then this cookie will not be used at all and it will be automatically deleted when you close your browser.
_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz etc These cookies are used by Google Analytics. This is a service provided by Google which we use in order to collect information about how people use our website. The data we collect is not personally identifiable. Rather, it allows us to see how many visits we get on particular pages which can help us to improve our site and make it easier for you to use. Click here to learn more about the Google Analytics cookies and privacy.

Third Party Cookies

Cookie Domain Purpose These are set by YouTube because we use YouTube to host our product videos. These cookies only appear on those product pages where we feature product videos. Youtube is a part of Google, and you can view Google's overall privacy policy here.