Acrylics Hints & Tips

Acrylic Painting Hints & Tips - Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Tubes

First used in the 1950's, acrylic paint is now established as one of the most important innovations for artists in paint technology. The popularity of acrylics with painters can largely be attributed to their versatility. Appreciated for their own merits of quick drying, use with water and colour brilliance, acrylics can also provide good results for both water colour and oil colour techniques.

In the early 1970's Winsor & Newton combined their colour making skills with modern technology to introduce their first range of Artists' Acrylics.  As the usage of acrylics steadily increased, so too has the variety of colours, mediums, brushes, paper and even palettes specifically designed for acrylic painting.

Brimming with tips and hints, this website section provides much of the information you'll need for continued success in acrylic painting. For beginners, good groundwork will give early success, whilst for professionals, a fresh look at the materials available can often bring a welcome opportunity to try new things.