How to Paint a Watercolour Galaxy

The summer is drawing to a close, and the days are getting shorter, but don’t worry, we can take inspiration from the beautiful night skies to make a magical galaxy painting! Follow this simple step-by-step video by Reeves to create your very own!

Paint a watercolour galaxy

What you need:

Watercolour paper
Watercolour brushes
Watercolour Paint
White Gouache Paint
Masking Tape
Glass of water

Step 1

Tape your paper leaving a rectangle which is where your painting will be.

Start by masking a rectangle on your paper

Step 2

Using your watercolour brush wet the paper. Make sure it is quite wet as you want the paint you will be applying to be able to spread over the paper.

Step 3

Mix some blue and green watercolour paint together in your palette. Dab this mix around your paper allowing the colour to spread over the wet surface but leaving centre white.

Dab a mix of blue/green watercolour paint on the wet paper

Step 4

Now add dabs of purple. As you go, use a clean dry brush to lift up some of the paint to create movement in the painting.

Dab some blue paint

Step 5

Next use a dark blue paint and dab it around the edges of the painting.

Add dark blue paint to the edges

Step 6

Add a bit more of your blue/green mixture and keep lifting the paint in between.

Step 7

Once you are happy with the background let the painting dry.

Step 8

Mix the white gouache with some water and paint on some stars.

Use white gouache to paint on some stars

Step 9

Next load a brush up with the white gouache and use another brush to tap it against to create a white splatter effect on the page.

Splatter white gouache

Once you are happy, let the painting dry.

Step 10

Finish the painting off with some black trees in the foreground.

Finish by painting some black trees

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