Image of Landscape Painting by Richard Pikesley

Landscape Painting by Richard Pikesley

Landscape Painting by Richard Pikesley is a great introduction to capturing both the natural and man made landscape and refining your skills of observation. The book starts with the simplest materials, just a handful of pencils and paper, to help you explore the world outside and build your confidence in mark making. Written by Richard Pikesley, the book outlines his approach to landscape painting, but also draws on the work of other contributors to highlight the diverse range of techniques and methods that can be used in landscape painting.

Including over 300 colour illustrations, this book emphasizes the importance of observation, and teaches the foundation skills of drawing to help you develop confidence and a technical understanding of the subject. The book also covers colour mixing on the palette, how colour works in nature and how it is effected by sunlight. Richard also includes a guide to materials, equipment and the essential techniques of the landscape painter. There is also a finishing section of presenting, framing and displaying your work, and how to find exhibition opportunities.

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