Image of Line and Wash Painting by Liz Chaderton

Line and Wash Painting by Liz Chaderton

Line and Wash Painting by Liz Chaderton is a practical guide to combining the best of your drawing and painting techniques to create vibrant images from ink and watercolour.

Learn how to exploit the strength of ink and watercolour's beautiful transparency to create paintings that are powerful and dynamic. This book includes over 170 illustrations that introduce a variety of painting styles and subjects. Over 128 pages Liz introduces various tips and projects to build your skills. As you progress you will learn how to explore mixed media work, exciting new surfaces and plenty of other ways to take your line and wash work to the next level!

Liz also shares her advice for selecting appropriate materials and runs through some excellent exercises to help hone your drawing and painting skills. Her instruction will give you the encouragement to follow new approaches to line and wash painting! Overall this book is a visual treat and an essential guide for artists looking to explore the beauty of line and wash!

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  • Really comprehensive coverage

    This is a brilliant book that covers every aspect of line and wash and a great deal more besides. Liz gives comprehensive information about using watercolour, choosing brushes, pens and surfaces as well as some excellent tips to achieve special effects.

    - Judy Turner from Bury on Feb 19, 2022
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  • Line and Wash Painting book

    So far I haven't tried her methods, but they are not unfamiliar.. I have enjoyed reading the book

    - Trish Munro from Malmesbury, United Kingdom on Mar 26, 2022
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