Image of Creative Cyanotype by Angela Chalmers

Creative Cyanotype by Angela Chalmers

Creative Cyanotype: Techniques and Inspiration by Angela Chalmers is a comprehensive guide to the beautiful process of creating cyanotype photograms and photographic prints. This technique is also sometimes known as camera-less photography and sun printing.

In this book, Angela demonstrate and guides you through various ways to create cyanotypes - from experimenting with toning techniques and gold leafing, to decorative textures and artists books. It’s a fascinating read for all artists and photographers, and shows how this traditional method can be used to your advantage to create inspirational work.

128 page paperback. 215mm x 215mm.

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  • A practical guide to creating your own Cyanotypes.

  • Includes demostrations on toning techniques, gold leafing, decorative textures and more.

  • A fascinating read for artists and photographers aike.

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