Image of Golden Fluid Acrylic Intro Set 6 x 30ml

Golden Fluid Acrylic Intro Set 6 x 30ml

Brand: Golden

The Golden Fluid Acrylic Intro Set 6 x 30ml includes six bottles of professional quality acrylic paint. With Golden Fluid you can experience an even, flowing consistency and richly pigmented colours. This set includes a balanced selection of colours perfect for beginners:

  • Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium (PY154)

  • Napthol Red Light (PR112)

  • Ultramarine Blue (PB29)

  • Permanent Green Light (PY175, PG7, PW6)

  • Carbon Black (PBk7)

  • Titanium White (PW6)

Golden Fluid Acrylic Colours are a renowned line of high-quality acrylic paints loved by artists worldwide. These colours are known for their exceptional pigment load, intense vibrancy, and excellent handling characteristics. The term "fluid" aptly describes their smooth consistency, allowing artists to effortlessly flow and blend the paints on various surfaces. Golden Fluid Acrylic Colours offer exceptional colour brilliance and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including pouring, glazing, and detailed brushwork. With their lightfastness and archival quality, these colours ensure long-lasting artwork.

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  • Includes six bottles of 30ml professional quality acrylic.

  • Has a balanced selection of colours including three primaries.

  • Perfect for artists looking to try the range.

  • Fluid colour has a smooth, flowing consistency.

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