Lightweight Metal Tin Watercolour Boxes

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The metal boxes are designed to hold most makes of half pans or whole pans or a combination of the two. You can also fit empty whole pans & half pans and add your own tube colour.


The approx dimensions of the lightweight boxes are:

12HP/6WP - 120mmx67mm
24HP/12WP - 222mmx68mm
36HP/18WP - 222mmx90mm
48HP/24WP - 222mmx110mm

Please note that these boxes are not compatible with White Night whole pans.

This paint box is recommended by the UK artist Judi Whitton in her book "Painting Venice".

A 12 Half Pan/6 Full Pan Product Code: 15049
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B 24 half Pan/12 Full Pan Product Code: 15055
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C 36 Half Pan/18 Full Pan Product Code: 15056
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D 48 Half Pan/24 Full Pan Product Code: 15057
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User Reviews

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  • Holds more than it states!

    In fact this small paint box will hold 8 of the empty full pans Ken Bromley sells, which are a little shorter than W&N. You can also fit 6 half pans down the middle. That's 14 in all...surely enough colours for your away days and holidays!! Sue B (Halifax) on 27 May 2008
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  • A great little palette

    I bought the small palette that holds six full pans, but in actual fact will hold eight White Night Pans.

    A great little palette with plenty of mixing space and a built in thumb ring for holding the palette, while you paint.

    The only critisism I can make about this product is it's a tad expensive, in my opinion, for what at the end of the day, is an empty tin box, but what a useful tin box. Tony (Liverpool) on 16 May 2007
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  • Handy and easy to use - Lightweight Metal Tin Box 24 half Pan/12 Full Pan

    So handy and easy to use. I really enjoy it. Actually, I have two, one large and one small. Marlene Goodman (Shell Beach, USA) on 21 Mar 2012
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