Image of Cloverleaf Paint Box - Watercolour Palette

Cloverleaf Paint Box - Watercolour Palette

A brand new folding Paintbox that incorporates a host of features that makes this product a must for any artist that paints 'en plein air' in particular as well as the studio artist.

A sturdy, lightweight compact box that has ample deep wells for mixing washes plus a removable central compartment for paints in both tube and pan format. Made from durable, high impact plastic that is also easy to clean.

Inventor Barry says:

'Since I have been a full time artist I have spent more and more time painting 'en plein air' both at home and abroad. Over the years I have honed my painting equipment down to the minimum due mainly to the ever diminishing airline baggage allowances but also ease of carrying. In that time I have gone through a multitude of different palettes and boxes which have been either too big, too heavy or too EXPENSIVE !! So I decided to design and produce one myself !... and here it is !!!!!'

• Approx size when closed 4 1/2 " x 4 1/2" x 1 1/4 " ( 115mm x 15mm x 30mm )
• Made from durable white plastic
• Lightweight approx 260grams

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  • Strongly made and design is well thought out

    I love this palette, it's strongly made and a lot of thought has gone into its creation. Each of the hinged parts are held together with metal, which makes the palette nice and strong. Deep mixing wells and deep paint wells - although I found that none of my empty full pans would fit into the palette, this was not a problem for me - I just filled each of the wells directly with paint.

    - Jay Farmer from UK on Aug 25, 2013
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  • Ingenious device - well thought out

    Filled the insert with 27 half pan W&N artists watercolours, they could also be filled from tubes. 8 mixing wells to E and W (easy to clean) with 2 larger ones on the N flap. Quite large opened out but compact when closed - firm closing catch.

    - Maldwyn Roberts from Caernarfon, United Kingdom on Jul 24, 2013
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  • An excellent versatile paintbox palette

    I am delighted with the Cloverleaf. The deep mixing areas are ideal. It is well made with good hinges and opens and closes well. It is designed to squeeze tube paint into the paint wells and is perfect for this. However I want to have more colours available so I am adapting it for now by removing the paint compartment leaving a nice deep area. I have put some white tac in the base to 'stick' in 30 W&N half pans. This still leaves space for a very short travel brush (half a handle type) on the side. I'm putting a thin piece of clear perspex over the paints and can sit my view finder on top and still close the flaps over without any strain on the hinges. (I've even found that I can attach a turps pot from my oil painting kit onto the flat flap when it is opened and I have a little plastic pot that fits snugly into that to hold a reasonable amount of water for painting on location - perfect! - everything I need in one hand, paintbrush in the other and paper on my lap or easel). It certainly isn't necessary to adapt the paintbox in the way I have described it just suits me to do so at the moment. I would like to have another spare paint compartment (preferably lidded) if one becomes available so that I could revert to larger quantities of squeezed paints. It's a great product for painting outdoors, which I love.

    - Sally Wimpress from Poole, United Kingdom on Nov 17, 2013
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