Image of Liz Deakin Watercolour Palette

Liz Deakin Watercolour Palette

15 colour compartments for tube colour. 7 deep mixing wells. Made from strong white plastic.

Size closed: 9.5" x 4" (24 x 10cm)
Size open: 9.5" x 8" (24 x 20cm)
Weight: 143g

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  • Best palette/box I've found

    This is the best palette box I have found for painting up to full sheet size watercolour. It is light, sturdy, opens flat, has deep mixing wells which have a 'slipway', will take half / full pan or tube watercolour. Plastic is kinder to brushes than metal and cleaning up is not necessary. The clasp has a fine but firm grip. Over thirty years teaching watercolour painting I have recommended it to students. I still have and use the original box so it is really hard wearing. In my opinion, this is perfect economic and ergonomic design.

    - Bridget Woods from West Sussex on Jul 13, 2012
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  • Fabulous portable light weight palette, with good sized mixing areas.

    I am on a search for a portable watercolour palette that will suit me for outdoor painting. Once I modified the small paint holding areas (by cutting out some of the crossbars) I am now more than happy with this great palette with deep mixing areas.

    - Doug Banner from Jan-Juc, Australia on Jul 17, 2012
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  • Liz Deakin Palette

    Members of a group I have joined have recommended this palette. It is an improvement on similar products I've had. The main improvements are that the wells hold enough paint and the mixing areas are large enough for a 2 hour session of painting. The palette is also robust enough for outdoor use.

    - Alan Harding from Leatherhead, United Kingdom on Mar 25, 2013
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