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The most Googled artist in every country in the world

The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping many of us from the worlds museums and art galleries. In the UK the industry has been devastated yet again by the latest government announcement that they will have to remain closed until 17th May, 5 weeks after libraries and shops.

People are having to turn to the internet as the only way of viewing the work of so many world famous artists. With this in mind, we wanted to find out which artists were searched for the most in 2020 and who has been most popular in each country throughout the pandemic.

We’ve created a world map to show the world’s most popular artists at a glance and also a breakdown of the winners in each continent.

Who are the most popular artists worldwide?

The data is in and it has revealed that Leonardo da Vinci is the world’s most popular artist, winning in a total of 82 countries. The top 7 winning artists can be seen in the table below.

#ArtistCountries won in
1Leonardo da Vinci82
2Frida Kahlo29
3Van Gogh24
4Artemisia Gentileschi23
7Diego Velázquez2

Leonardo da Vinci, best known for his Last Supper and Mona Lisa paintings, which can be found in the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan and the Louvre in Paris, won in 82 countries worldwide.

The iconic Mexican feminist painter Frida Kahlo came second winning in 29 countries, with Artemisia Gentileschi coming in forth, making these two the only female artists to make the winners list.

Dutch artist and tortured soul Vincent van Gogh third winning in 24 countries. Painted using oil paint, Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting is housed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

However, here in the UK, our very own street artist Banksy came out on top… bucking the trend of Europe’s overall preference for Da Vinci. Banksy also came out in sixth place globally showing that the artists’ work is inspiring people all over the world.


Worldwide search data analysed by ArtSupplies.co.uk in February 2021 using Google Keyword planner. The top artist was found using search data for 2020 in each country for each artist.

Please note: Not all countries had enough data to be featured, so we have only included the countries with enough data to analyse.

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12 thoughts on “The most Googled artist in every country in the world

      1. Thanks. It’s a pity, but that research was a brilliant idea. I’m pretty sure Frida Kahlo could maintain her second position in 2024, as it will be the year of the 70th anniversary of her death. 😉

  1. I checked myself, and in Italy most searched artist is definitely not Artemisia Gentileschi. Leonardo Da Vinci has way way way more google search than her, even in 2020. This makes every other data you put in this research not valid. Learn how to use internet before stating false stuff in your research. This is shameful.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. We have double checked the numbers for Italy and in 2020 Artemisia Gentileschi is definitely higher than da Vinci. Artemisia Gentileschi had an average of 368,000 searches a month. Leonardo da Vinci had 135,000 searches a month.

  2. Pirosmani and Estonia??
    Absurd, it is not an artist, it’s a Georgian restaurant, or restaurants.
    I’d guess almost no-one who are google’ing it, have no idea he is an artist too.

    1. Heh, most popular artists in Finland might have be Frida because of Artist Behm’s song “Frida Kahlo” which was the most played song in radio here in 2020 👍🏻

      1. Yep, this! But on the other hand, does it explain the popularity of Frida Kahlo in Sweden? Could it be that Rita Behm is also popular there, although she sings in Finnish?

  3. Haha, Estonia’s Niko Pirosmani is probably 99% due to a popular Georgian restaurant chain that’s named Pirosmani.

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