Image of Viviva Watercolour Pans Spring 16 Colour Set

Viviva Watercolour Pans Spring 16 Colour Set

Brand: Viviva

This Viviva Watercolour Pans Spring 16 Colour Set includes sixteen large pans of colour held in a bio-degradable cork palette. This Spring set includes shades from Viviva’s colour range that explore the bright, vivid hues of the season. Use these colours straight from the pan or mix to create more complex shades. The following colours are included:

  • Crimson Lake, Alizarin Crimson, Opera, Cocktail Pink, Permanent Yellow, Bees Yellow, Cinnamon, Indian Red, Light Yellow Green, Olive Green, Permanent Green, Viridian Hue, Periwinkle, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise Blue and Marine Blue.

The palette, crafted from recycled wine corks, is not only fully biodegradable but also lightweight, making it perfect for artists on the go. These pans feature a sleeker, more compact design, making them thinner than traditional pans while still being thicker than Viviva Coloursheets. These watercolour pans, similar to Viviva Coloursheets, create vivid colours with a single sweep of a wet brush. The set includes a swatch card for testing colours and a reusable wipe-down palette.

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  • Includes 16 spring colours perfect for creating bright washes.

  • Colours are held in a compact, biodegradable palette made from recycled wine corks.

  • Set includes a swatch card and wipe-down, reusable palette.

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  • Lightweight and portable

    I have a few of these sets. They are perfect for popping into a pocket or bag for impromptu sketching. The pigments are bright and vivid and the collections are well chosen.
    A little expensive unless on offer but I'm happy to support the project of the folk who make them.

    - Mrs Jones from Sheffield on Dec 18, 2023
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