Image of Viviva Watercolour Pans Metallic 15 Colour Set

Viviva Watercolour Pans Metallic 15 Colour Set

Brand: Viviva

This Viviva Watercolour Pans Metallic 15 Colour Set includes fifteen small pans of shimmering colour held in a bio-degradable cork palette. This Metallic set includes unusual shimmering hues that are perfect for adding a subtle glimmer to your paintings. Use them to add decorative details or mix with other Viviva colours. The following colours are included:

  • Metallic Light Green, Yellow Topaz, Orange Sapphire, Pink Pearl, Eudialyte, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Rust, Brown Quartz, Metallic Grey, Silver, Gold and Pearl Black.

The palette, crafted from recycled wine corks, is fully biodegradable and lightweight, making it perfect for artists on the go. These pans feature a sleeker, more compact design, making them thinner than traditional pans while still being thicker than Viviva Coloursheets. The pans, like Viviva Coloursheets, release sparkling colour with a wet brush. The set includes a swatch card for colour testing and a reusable wipe-down palette.

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  • Includes 15 metallic colours perfect for creating shimmering washes.

  • Colours are held in a compact, biodegradable palette made from recycled wine corks.

  • Set includes a swatch card and wipe-down, reusable palette.

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