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Draw Yourself Calm by Amy Maricle

Draw Yourself Calm by Amy Maricle offers a welcome introduction to the mindful practice of slow drawing. Amy introduces 25 drawing projects teaching you how to create meditative patterns inspired by nature. This is a practical and effect book for boosting your creativity while reducing stress.

The fast pace and stimulation of daily life often leaves us with the desire for a creative outlet to slow down and relax. And there's no better to do that than by drawing simple, repetitive shapes. This meditative process relaxes the brain and flows your attention away from the sources of stress and grounds you by putting pen to paper.

Draw Yourself Calm is split into three sections - slow drawing warm-ups, slow drawing patterns and creative cues. A brief introduction covers the idea of slow drawing and mindfulness, and how to incorporate slow drawing into your everyday life. The first chapter introduces some basic warm ups and exercises to help you explore what you see, feel and hear as you draw. In Chapter 2 Amy offers guidance on creating 25 elegant and inspiring patterns of all kinds. You can approach the 25 projects in any order, and work out how to best fit this slow drawing into your busy life.

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