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Draw 100 Dragons by Paul Bryn Davies

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Draw 100: Dragons by Paul Bryn Davies is the ultimate guide for budding artists and enthusiastic amateurs looking to step into a world of fantasy and draw incredible dragons. Featuring 100 dragon designs, each project is broken down into a handful of simple stages that lead you effortlessly through to the finished coloured drawing. There are no written instructions to follow - each step is broken down into simple shapes to help you build up your illustration from scratch.

Paul’s incredible imagination is sure to inspire you to draw like you’ve never drawn before - whether you’re creating a fire-breathing monster or a majestic sea serpent. With basic shapes and pencil strokes, this book shows how anyone can effortlessly create stunning and intricate illustrations of battling giants and gnarled wyverns, regardless of their skill level. This book is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create their own mythical masterpiece. So, enter the dragon's den and start drawing every claw, tooth, and scale!

112 page Paperback

216 x 292 mm


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