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Image of Daniel Smith Watercolour Stick Granulating Power Set

Daniel Smith Watercolour Stick Granulating Power Set

The Daniel Smith Watercolour Stick Granulating Power Set includes five professional grade watercolour sticks in a selection of granulating PrimaTek colours plus a granulating black. These colours create beautiful granulation and add stunning depth and visual texture to your work.

  • Serpentine Genuine, Sodalite Genuine, Lunar Black, Piemontite Genuine and Hematite Genuine.

This palette of colours has been hand selected by professional artist Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay. They’re incredibly useful colours for landscape, plein air painting, urban architecture and more. They’re also great for any watercolourist new to watercolour sticks who wants to experiment with the unique properties of PrimaTek colours. The set also offers exceptional value for money - offering 5 sticks for the price of 4, plus a free storage case.

Daniel Smith Watercolour Sticks put the power of pure pigment at your fingertips. Portable and versatile, these sticks allow you to make marks, paint like you would with a pan, and mix colour directly from the stick to your artwork. They contain no wax or fillers and offer the same exceptional lightfastness and professional quality as the brand’s tube and pan paints.

In stock
  • Set of five Daniel Smith Watercolour Sticks in a palette of granulating colours.

  • Portable and versatile, use these sticks like a pastel or lift colour like you would with a pan.

  • Includes free plastic carry case.

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