Porcelain Tinting Saucer

A quality white tinting saucer with four divisions.

Size: 3.3" (8.5cm) Diameter

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  • Nice product and excellent service. - Porcelain Tinting Saucer

    I'm unable to find these little 4-well saucers in the US. I had two, purchased several years ago, and when I happened upon these, ordered three from Ken Bromley Art Supplies. The quality is nicer than the two I had. They're a bit heavier---feel more solid---and the glaze is whiter and evenly distributed. I keep my older ones for back-up now. Carol Ware (Orlando, USA) on 19 Nov 2014
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  • Nice but smaller than expected - Porcelain Tinting Saucer

    I couldn't see an indication of size, and it was much smaller than expected. Nick Hawksworth (Cowbridge, United Kingdom) on 13 Nov 2012

    Ken Bromley's replies: The size is showing on the web site, but I guess it looks bigger in the photo. The size is 3.3" (8.5cm) diameter.

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  • A useful tool when painting fine detailed botanical art subjects. - Porcelain Tinting Saucer

    This saucer is just 10 cm in diameter and fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. It is ceramic so is easy to wipe clean and stain free while being portable and light enough to hold while painting. The 4 divisions allow for a range of colours, either pure or mixed to be easily accessed. Each outer wall gently slopes so brushes aren't damaged when wiping off excess liquid. There is an indentation in the outer wall of each quadrant, which again works well for wiping off brushes. The inner walls which separate the saucer into sections are high enough to keep colours separate. This is the best designed saucer that I have found that is just right for dry brush work when working on small areas of botanical subjects, either in a studio or outdoor setting. I use more than one saucer at a time so colours for leaves and flowers for example can be mixed in advance and be ready to pick up and use. Virginia Greenup (Caboolture, Australia) on 15 Jan 2018
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