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Liz Deakin Watercolour Palette

    15 colour compartments for tube colour. 7 deep mixing wells. Made from strong white plastic.

    Size closed: 9.5" x 4" (24 x 10cm)
    Size open: 9.5" x 8" (24 x 20cm)
    Weight: 143g

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    • Fabulous portable light weight palette, with good sized mixing areas. - Liz Deakin Palette

      I am on a search for a portable watercolour palette that will suit me for outdoor painting. Once I modified the small paint holding areas (by cutting out some of the crossbars) I am now more than happy with this great palette with deep mixing areas. Doug Banner (Jan-Juc, Australia) on 17 Jul 2012
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    • Liz Deakin Palette - Liz Deakin Palette

      Members of a group I have joined have recommended this palette. It is an improvement on similar products I've had. The main improvements are that the wells hold enough paint and the mixing areas are large enough for a 2 hour session of painting. The palette is also robust enough for outdoor use. Alan Harding (Leatherhead, United Kingdom) on 25 Mar 2013
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    • Nearly perfect

      The overall size of this is perfect - Just a lovely weight in the hand. Also the excellent colour selections in a line i feel are better than a grid system, like in another palette because you're less likely too drip one colour into another when mixing. The mixing space of seven seperated trays is also nice. But, the like a few have said before the one annoyingly nigglesome thing is the lack of radii in the mixing wells. If only this could be rectified in an updated design, this palette would be absolutely perfect. Robert (Tonbridge, Kent) on 4 Aug 2014
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