Complete Guide to Life Drawing

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by Gottfried Bammes

A complete course, packed with instruction and profusely illustrated.

This fantastic book is all you need if you want to start drawing the figure, or if you want to develop your life drawing skills. It is the ultimate reference book, a most inspirational guide and above all it offers everything you ever needed to know, including tips on simple ways to ‘get it right’, essential advice on anatomy, help with easy drawing methods and many different examples of the drawn figure. It is important to understand how the body works and detailed sections show hands, feet, faces, limbs and much more.

A complete course, packed with instruction Detailed and beautiful drawings, especially on anatomy An inspirational guide with invaluable tips and advice.

312 page paperback.

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Gottfried Bammes, born in 1920 in Freital, Germany, worked as an art teacher at the College of Fine Arts in Dresden. Bammes was a prolific writer and artist, was considered to be a master of life drawing and anatomy,and produced numerous books on the subject in his lifetime. In 1974 he was awarded the National Prize of the German Democratic Republic for Science and Technology and received the Culture and Art Prize of the City of Freital in 2000. He died in 2007.

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  • highly instructional - Complete Guide to Life Drawing Book

    the introduction is beautifully written, book is over 312 pages of instruction and illustrations Alexis Moore (Miami, USA) on 29 Mar 2016
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  • Great book with less anatomy and more form - Complete Guide to Life Drawing Book

    Having bought a book on anatomy for artists, I got very bogged down with bones and muscles and found my drawings were still quite flat and lifeless. This book is more about form and the process of building a 3D structure. Its early days, but helping enormously at my life drawing classes. Felicity Pettifer (Mechelen, Belgium) on 25 Mar 2017
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