Artists' Field Box

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This compact and lightweight Field Box has been cleverly designed to fit snugly into the pocket while providing everything required for successful outdoor water colour painting.

Constructed in durable plastic with thumb ring, the Field Box opens up to reveal 12 half pans of Professional Water Colours and a high quality Brush, Artists' Sponge, 3 mixing areas and a 35ml. capacity water bottle.

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(subject to variation):

Lemon Yellow Winsor Yellow
Yellow Ochre Winsor Red
Alizarian Crimson Raw Sienna
French Ultramarine Winsor Blue (Green Shade)
Permanent Sap Green Burnt Sienna
Chinese White Ivory Black
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  • Ideal when you need to travel light

    I have used the "Artists' Field Box" for several years. It is ideal when you need to travel light on a sketching trip or on holiday. Using the thumb ring on the base, the box with it's water container balances nicely on my left hand and is perfectly adequate for painting watercolours up to A4 size.

    You do need to carry an extra small bottle of water though as the one included holds very little. And carry a larger brush. John (Bristol) on 23 Jul 2007
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  • W&N artist' field box - Winsor and Newton Artists' Field Box

    Compact and lightweight and you can add an extra half pans on each side of the sponge. I replaced the water bottle with a section of white kitchen tile held in place with a dab of epoxy to increase the mixing area. Bob Stevens (Friockheim, United Kingdom) on 10 Mar 2013
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  • Recommended without reservation

    Unlike many of Winsor & Newton's watercolour boxes, this is actually designed by them, rather than simply being bought in to fill with their paints. And it is a genuinely intelligent design, the most practical box by far to stick in a pocket 'in case'. And if you are determined to travel light, I think, unlike John from Bristol that you would just about cope with the water from the bottle in the box. Only just, mind. But I couldn't agree more about the brush, the one included is around a size 1.
    This box is so practical I would regard it as good value even before Ken Bromley applied their usual discount. At the time of writing this review (August 2007), they are offering it at 50% off, which is so good that I have just ordered a couple to give away as presents.
    Recommended without reservation. Stephen (Norwich) on 25 Aug 2007
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