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Liquitex Texture Gels contain particles that produce a variety of unique textural and dimensional effects. They may be mixed with acrylic colours, other mediums, or used on their own. Dry Texture Gels can be over-painted with acrylic or oil colours and can be used as an under painting textural ground. Mix any texture gels together to achieve unique surfaces.

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All effects texture gels:

• Containsspecific aggregates, which produce a variety of unique textural, dimensional and reflective effects, when mixed with acrylic paint.
• All Texture Gels may be intermixed to increase the variety of possible textures.
• Formulated for maximum flexibility and adhesion. Will not chip or crack on canvas.
• Can be applied to any material or surface that will accept traditional acrylic media, such as canvas, paper, wood, etc.
• Texture Gels are lightweight, non-toxic and dry to a water resistant, non-yellowing surface.

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Liquitex Ceramic Stucco Gel

2 reviews

A thick, fine textured gel that dries to a light gray matte stucco finish.


Liquitex Natural Sand Gel

1 review

A fine-textured gel that dries to the appearance of glossy beach sand.


Liquitex Resin Sand Gel

1 review

A thick coarse gel that dries to a semi-gloss texture similar to rough cement.


Liquitex Blended Fibers Gel

A thick gel that, when dry, gives the effect of flexible fibres.


Liquitex Black Lava Gel Medium

A gel speckled with small black particles. Gives dramatic effects when mixed with transparent, translucent, or interference colours.


Liquitex Glass Beads Texture Gel

1 review

A medium body gel that contains clear round plastic beads and dries to a semi-gloss, "bubbly" surface.


Liquitex White Opaque Flakes Gel

A heavy, coarse gel containing irregular sized and shaped white flakes that are opaque.


Liquithick Gel Thickener

3 reviews

A thickening gel for water soluble acrylic paint and mediums. 


Liquitex String Gel

11 reviews

A self levelling gel with honey-like consistency. Gently pouring yields a long, constant-flowing string of gel.