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Liquitex Professional Pouring Medium

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Key features
  • Designed to not craze in poured applications

  • Creates even poured puddles and acrylic sheets

  • Retains high gloss and wet appearance when dry

  • Flexible, non-yellowing and water resistant when dry

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  • Excellent product - does what it says on the tin!

    Excellent product for pouring acrylic applications. Doesn't craze on drying. Be aware that it does lose volume or dry back - which is to be expected. Heavy body colour doesn't mix easily, leaving tiny lumps of colour but soft body, liquid acrylic or inks work beautifully. Very glossy finish. Fun to use.

    - Gillian Lait from Felixstowe, United Kingdom on Mar 22, 2012
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  • Reasonable value but thin

    I expected something that after applying to a painting laid flat, it would self level but remain a thick coat, however it shrank to be just like a varnish, I wanted a deep layer of clear translucent finish, do you stock anything that flows but remains a deep thickness, not something needing 3 or 4 thick coats to be clear glass like.

    - Neville Power from Hull, United Kingdom on Aug 29, 2012
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  • The results are beatiful, but you need to work fast as it dries quite fast.

    I suggest to use gloves when using it , it is hard to wash away from hands.

    - Ivana Olbrichtova from Bela- Lysica, Slovakia on Apr 13, 2016
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