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Unison Colour Soft Pastel Mini Half Stick Set Red Orange

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The Unison Colour Soft Pastel Mini Set Red Orange includes 8 half stick of soft pastel in an assortment of orange, red and yellow shades ideal for floral compositions or painting sunsets. The set includes the following colours:

  • Orange 1, Orange 3, Yellow 8, Yellow 10, Red 8, Red 10, Red 6 and Orange 6.

Unison Soft Pastel Mini Sets are the perfect sets for artists looking to try out the Unison soft pastel range. They offer collections of firm favourites and mini tasters for a selection of different colour groups. The pastels are professional quality and deliver a smooth, buttery texture. Each pastel is made using the finest artists pigments to ensure the very best lightfastness. They are also water soluble. Each stick is handmade in the UK to the original recipes of the company’s founder, artist John Hersey.

The shape and size of each stick may very slightly because they are handmade.

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    Fantastic quality and colours

    - Ruth Blinch from Oakham, United Kingdom on Jan 11, 2023
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