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Image of Uni POSCA Paint Marker Set of 8 Black

Uni POSCA Paint Marker Set of 8 Black

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The Uni POSCA Paint Marker Set of 8 Black includes eight marker pens each with a different size and shape of nib. The set includes black pens only in the following nib sizes:

  • PCF-350 - Brush Tip (1-10mm)
  • PC-1MR - Extra Fine Pin Tip (0.7mm)
  • PC-1M - Extra Fine Bullet Tip (0.7mm)
  • PC-3M - Fine Bullet Tip (0.9 - 1.3mm)
  • PC-5M - Medium Bullet Tip (1.8-2.5mm)
  • PC-7M - Bullet Tip (4.5-5.5mm)
  • PC-8K - Chisel Tip (8mm)
  • PC-17K - Extra Broad (15mm)

POSCA’s fluid ink is opaque and will write on almost any surface - making them perfect for mixed media work! Use them on traditional surface or add designs to rock, clay, plastic, metal or fabric. Find out how to make your designs permanent by clicking the ‘More Information’ tab above! Once dry the ink is waterproof, allowing designs to be layered and can even be used outdoors. They are also odourless, solvent and alcohol free.

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