Image of Pro Arte Brush Wallet Series C Hog PA8

Pro Arte Brush Wallet Series C Hog PA8

This is a modestly priced range in three distinct shapes; Rounds, Flats and Filberts. All are eminently suitable for oil painters. Seamless nickel ferrules. Medium size handles are finished with a purple lacquer.

Set Contains:
Series C Hog Round Size 2
Series C Hog Round Size 8
Series C Hog Filbert Size 4
Series C Hog Filbert Size 6
Series C Hog Flat Size 10

The brushes in this set have long handles.

In stock
  • Set of 5 Pro Arte Series C Hog brushes

  • modestly priced range hog hair

  • Long handled

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  • Really Good Brushes.

    I have bought three sets of these recently off KB. I have used these brushes for years and although I have paid much more money for just a single brush, none of them match these Pro Art Series C for longevity. When new they tend to 'shed', so I wash them three times in soap and water, NOT detergent like washing up liquid, this will stop it.
    They will stand up to anything you throw at them including scrubbing-in under washes and still reatain their shape if washed properly; in fact they seem to improve and become thinner and really responsive.
    Finally, their handles are just a little bit shorter than most oil brushes and they fit perfectly into the Pochade Boxes on this website; I have the large box and they fit no prob.

    - David Molloy from Rossendale,, United Kingdom on Sep 4, 2013
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  • Good brushes, but not perfect for my needs

    I am using these brushes to paint with acrylic onto wood. I would say they are decent brushes, but what I am painting is fairly intricate (it is a carved mask, which I will be painting patterns on). So far I have only done blocks of colour but even then I have found it awkward to stay in the area I want to paint with these brushes, even using the very smallest one.

    I imagine that on paper or canvas they would be great, but for what I am doing I need something with more of a point, I think. I'm no professional so I am not too sure on this, I still need to buy some different brushes and try them out!

    - Louise Carroll from Brighton, United Kingdom on Sep 16, 2012
    Bromleys Art Supplies responded:

    The detailed work would probably be easier with the Pro Arte Acrylix brushes. See the PA10 brush wallet set.

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  • Excellent brush set.

    Very good quality brushes at an excellent price.

    - Gerald Marsland from King's Lynn, United Kingdom on May 15, 2015
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