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Perfect Paper Stretcher

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Key features
  • Stretch your cartridge, pastel or watercolour paper up to 140lb

  • Made from top quality lacquered wood

  • Available in three sizes to fit full, 1/2 and 1/4 imperial paper

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  • Absolutely invaluable

    I teach art classes and also do a lot of demonstrations and workshops for art groups and societies. I find the paper stretchers absolutely invaluable for this as I have to demonstrate on quite a large size of paper - otherwise the audience won't see it very well. If I used a big sheet of 300lb paper for a demo it would work out far too expensive but with a paper stretcher I can use a 90lb paper very successfully. I have two half Imperial paper stretchers and one full Imperial one.

    Incidentally I find it a lot easier to use 90lb weight paper than 140lb. It hammers in very much easier. I tend to use a really good quality cotton paper (such as Arches or Saunders-Waterford) but only 90lb in weight. It makes a beautiful surface when stretched.

    - Margaret Ellis from Sheffield on Oct 5, 2009
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  • Saved me money

    Buying this product has saved me money. I am now able to paint on 140 lb rough paper, instead of having to pay out for 300 lb paper. As time passes, this item will have paid for it's keep, no end of times.
    Thanks Ken Bromley. You are a star.

    - Steve Garside from Wiltshire on Dec 10, 2010
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  • A fantastic invention

    I would never go back to gummed tape. These stretchers are quick, easy and fool proof and well worth the investment. I run a wax candle into the groove after every 6 or so uses and I've never had stuck papaer since.

    - Carole Mattock from Bournemouth on Jul 31, 2012
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