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Painting Stones by Marion Kaiser

Painting Stones: How to Turn Rocks & Pebbles into Mini Works of Art by Marion Kaiser is a fun, informative guide that will help you turn rocks and pebbles into colourful art objects using acrylic or oil paints.

Artist Marion Kaiser offers up her expert advice on how to create beautiful and quirky pebble paintings. Her instruction makes getting started easy. You won't require much to make your first piece of rock art either - just a stone, some acrylic paints, paint brushes and varnish! This book includes projects ideal for beginners, but equally fun for more seasoned artists - as well as being fun for the whole family.

There are 20 projects in the book that cover a variety of styles. These projects include animal art (like pandas, elephants and lizards) as well as insects (ladybird and dragonly) and birds (swan and penguin). There are also instructions on how to create a cottage, mandala and feather. Each project has clear step by step instructions, accompanied by illustrations and photographs that are sure to inspire you. Painting Stones will have you well on your way to painting your own rock art collection. You could even share your projects by creating a quirky art trail in your neighbourhood!

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