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Liquitex Basics Acrylic Fluid Intro Set

This Liquitex Basics Acrylic Fluid Intro Set includes 6 x 118ml bottles of acrylic colour with a smooth, fluid viscosity. The colours in the set cover a broad spectrum - offering a great selection for artists looking to explore colour mixing. The set contains the following colours:

  • Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Blue, Pthalocyanine Green, Titanium White and Mars Black

Liquitex Basics Fluid are an everyday acrylic colour with a fluid, flowing consistency straight from the bottle. These economically priced paints are perfect for those just starting out in acrylic who want to experiment with fluid techniques such as fine detail painting, pouring, splattering, stippling and more. Liquitex Basics are made with the same lightfast, fine art pigments they use in their professional range, but just in a lighter load. These paints are ultra versatile and dry to a permanent, water-resistant film with a satin finish. This paint is 100% canvas ready and isn’t intended for dilution with water. Mixing with water will dilute the pigment load and stop it drying properly. If dilution is required use Liquitex Professional Airbrush Medium.

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  • Includes 118ml bottles of fluid, student-grade acrylic colour.

  • Includes primary colours, plus green, white a black - perfect for colour mixing.

  • Economically priced for beginners and suitable for a wide range of techniques.

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