Image of John Yardley Escoda Signature Collection

John Yardley Escoda Signature Collection

Brand: Escoda
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Key features
  • Set of three Escoda Reserva brushes selected by artist John Yardley

  • Round pointed sable watercolour brushes

  • Perfect pointing and their extraordinary capacity to retain liquids

  • Short handled

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  • No problem with these confident brushes.

    Very nice. Compared to Da Vinci the hairs are a little longer and floppier, but this adds to a looser stroke which I rather like.. even if I have to get used to it. I would say you need one size bigger.. ie. a size 14 Escoda is equivalent to a size 12 Da Vinci.. but I can't be sure this is exact. What I can say is that a size 12 Escoda is smaller than a DaVinci size 12. All in all, I would give these brushes a thumbs up.

    - Roland Herrera from Bristol, United Kingdom on Feb 7, 2014
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